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"Let's Go Walking is a celebration of the love of a poet and a photographer for one of the most astonishing and beautiful places on Earth. Here are images -- ravens, storms, returning light -- offered with a gratitude and gladness so deep that they might be prayers." --Kathleen Dean Moore, author of The Pine Island Paradox: Making Connections in a Disconnected World (World As Home, The)"


Mim McConnell

Let's Go Wlaking by Jim Drury and Mim McConnellLet's Go Walking by Jim Drury, Photography by Mim McConnell (Paperback - August 2008)

Poet James Drury has a Masters of Arts from St. Mary's University and a Masters of Divinity from Lutheran Theological Seminary. Since 1977, he has served congregations in California, Texas, and Alaska. He and his wife Linda currently live in Price, Utah, where Jim spends his free time writing, playing guitar, and doting on his grandchildren. He is also the author of A Sharpness of Grief: Poems and Stories of a Journey to Healing. Sitka Photographer/Artist Mim McConnell is the owner of Shelter Cove Publishing and the local visitor's guide, Sitka Through Four Seasons and designed Let's Go Walking. Her powerful sense of composition and her ability to capture the essence of wilderness places adds an amazing depth and richness to the poet's words.

Mike McConnell

Mike McConnell was raised in a small farming community in eastern Montana. He arrived in Southeast Alaska in 1969 where for the at least thirty years he lived a subsistence lifestyle hunting, trapping and fishing. He has also worked in the mining and logging industries and as a commercial fisherman. He now lives in Sitka with his wife Mim. His books are about people, places, and the adventures he has experienced.

Hand Troller by Mike McConnellHand Troller by Mike McConnell (Paperback - Jan 2002)

Hand Troller is a look into a vanishing lifestyle that many dream of but few ever experience. Join Mike and his running partner Dick as they troll for King and Coho salmon in the icy waters of South East Alaska. Travel from Ketchikan to the small fishing village of Port Alexander on Baranof Island, where you will meet many interesting characters and experience day-to-day life on a small commercial salmon troller. Feel the thrill of hooking and landing King Salmon so big they shake the whole boat and the exhaustion of a fast and furious Coho bite at Cape Ommaney. Come aboard, grab a cup of coffee and let’s go fishin’!

Bear Tails and Deer Trails by Mike McConnellBear Tales and Deer Trails by Mike McConnell (Paperback - Jan 2002)

Bear Tales and Deer Trails is a collection of hunting stories that take you into the heart of the Tongass National Forest. Come along with Mike and his hunting partners as they stalk bears and deer for food as part of their subsistence lifestyle. Each chapter begins a new adventure in the bays, muskegs and mountains of Southeast Alaska. The stories are full of interesting characters, vivid descriptions of the landscape and a look into a disappearing way of life. You will find information about guns, hunting techniques and lore about the animals themselves. The stories are true and drawn from the author’s personal experiences. This is the Tongass when wild was still part of wilderness!


"I recently read this book [Hand Troller] while cruising Southeastern Alaska on our pleasure boat. Being right in the middle of the area where the story unfolds gave me a chance to respond to the accuracy of the world he describes. The writing is excellent and the stories riviting. It is the life of a hand troller with all of the hard work, difficulty, joy and comedy on both land and sea. Mr. McConnell is a facinating person and writes with such intelligence and humor that you feel you have some idea of what drives a person to live this life of hardship and adventure in the beauty of Alaska. I appreciated particularly that this book is never overwritten or over dramatized. I'd love to read more of this man's work. If you love the sea you will greatly enjoy this book."  Molly Crenshaw

Mike McConnell

Author Mike McConnell